Real-World Science That Inspires Action

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Video-Based Climate Science
Curriculum for Grades 4–12

Take your students around the globe to explore green solutions and technologies that address the challenges of climate change. On the journey, they’ll learn scientific concepts and develop their problem-solving, collaboration, and stewardship skills. One Step empowers students to be learners, leaders, and changemakers.

Discover One Step

High-Quality Videos

Age-appropriate videos feature climate and environmental science topics and innovative solutions, making the science understandable and compelling for students.

5E Lesson Plans

Lesson plans — aligned to NGSS — provide teaching support, including prompts to facilitate rich academic discussions.

Tools to Empower Students

Projects, crafts, activities, experiments, and our unique sustainable action tracker support inquiry- and problem-based learning and inspire students to take action.

Support Student-Centered
STEM Learning Across Curricula

One Step supports learning across grades 4–12 curricula. From teaching important climate science lessons to vocabulary, geography, government, history, and more, One Step is flexible and easy to incorporate throughout the school day.

Science Teachers
Support core science curriculum with One Step videos and dive deeper into climate science topics.
Civics & Social Studies Teachers
Explore real-world issues from around the globe and how communities are addressing them.
ELA Teachers
Use the videos as topics for opinion and argumentative discussions and writing practice.
All Teachers!
Whatever the subject, One Step videos and content engage students, build academic skills, and make learning relevant, real, and actionable.
School- or District-Wide Initiatives
One Step is most powerful when connected with a school-wide initiative to create a sustainable and responsible school culture that values and promotes environmental stewardship.
Individual Classrooms
Individual teachers can use One Step to supplement and enhance their lessons with very little planning and preparation time.
Afterschool & Summer Programs
The projects and activities are a great way to keep students learning, active and involved outside of school hours.

“It’s really easy to teach the gloom and doom. It’s difficult to find the things where the students can answer the question, ‘what can I do?’”

High School Teacher, King County, CA

“As educators, we often try to find things that are both interesting and important, and this is one of those topics where it’s super engaging and super relevant to students’ lives.”

5th Grade Teacher, South Orangetown Central School District, NY

“It was really easy to pull One Step content into what I had already created.”

High School Teacher, NJ