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One Step is developed by Ballard & Tighe,  Publishers (Educational Ideas, Inc.). Since 1976, we have focused on providing what’s missing to educators. Whether that’s reliable data to guide instruction, curriculum that fills gaps in other programs, or resources that simplify lesson planning and instruction, the team is passionate about innovating and meeting the needs of today’s educators and supporting the success of their students.

The One Step Hosts

One Step videos are fast-paced, engaging, and chock-full of amazing scientific concepts, innovative solutions, and inspiring individuals. Students are guided through the content by our two hosts.


Joshwayy Smith

Host, motivational speaker, and advocate to make this world a better place
Joshwayy’s journey across the nation has given him an appreciation of nature, from the busy city of Washington D.C., the tropical state of Florida, the mountains of North Carolina, the plains of Kentucky, and now the sandy shores of California. As the host of One Step, Joshwayy is leading the way to inspire students to do their part for a better tomorrow!

Laura-May Abron

Science communicator, artist, and environmental advocate from Paris
Laura-May studied music in Paris, art in London, and astronomy and astrophysics at the Paris Observatory—one of the world’s longest-running observatories. She has appeared as a guest astrophysics expert on shows, been published in the Griffith Observer, runs a group to engage women in science, and writes for science shows. She has been involved in environmental advocacy since 2003 and enjoys tornado, aurora, and eclipse-chasing in her spare time.

One Step Curriculum Writer


Rhea May

Science-focused educator, instructional leader, and lifelong learner
Rhea worked as a K–4 science teacher, mentor teacher, and science assistant principal for 8 years at a large NYCbased charter school network. In addition to teaching approximately 150 students annually, Rhea supported her charter school network by helping them overhaul their K–8 science curriculum to ensure it was better aligned to NGSS and was the primary curriculum writer for 7 units. Today, Rhea serves as an instructional coach for science teachers in NYC schools and is a curriculum writer for One Step. When she’s not working or trying out a new experiment, she’s probably cuddling on the couch with her dog Evi and reading a science fiction book.

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