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Educate & Inspire Students with Real-World,
Solution-Focused Climate Education

One Step videos explore global environmental climate changes, underlying scientific concepts, and innovative solutions to the problems. But One Step goes beyond simply teaching the science. It provides you and your students, grades 4–12, with recommendations, ideas, and tools to take action to be more sustainable.

Explain & Explore Scientific Concepts
with High-Quality Videos

Timely, engaging video content to:

  • Supplement your core science curriculum
  • Support rich classroom dialogue
  • Connect what students are learning in their science textbooks to real-world climate problems and solutions

Videos range from 3–25 minutes and can be watched in segments. English captions and Spanish subtitles are available. New videos added regularly.

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Four Categories of Engaging Videos

Find just the right video for your lesson planning

One Step
One Step Video Sample
20–25-minute teaching videos that present a problem, an innovative solution, and include science teaching and concepts.
Climate Talk
Climate Talk Video Sample
8–10-minute videos that discuss important topics related to the climate and how humans impact the Earth.
Celebration Innovation
Celebration Innovation Video Sample
10–15-minute videos that celebrate technology and individuals making an impact.
One Step Lifestyle Video Sample
3–5-minute videos that inspire action by encouraging students to take steps toward reducing their carbon footprint in simple ways.

Teaching Support for Every Video
Puts Learning into Action

One Step Lesson Plan

5E Lesson Plans

One Step and Celebration Innovation videos each include lessons plans by grade span that are aligned to NGSS standards for grades 4–12.

Ready-to-use activity sheets, vocabulary sheets, and teaching slides help to speed up lesson planning.

Cross-curricular suggestions are provided for math, social sciences, ELA, and art.

One Step Class Talk Sample


  • Questions to facilitate rich academic discussions before and after videos
  • Note-taking questions to guide comprehension

English Learner

  • Spanish and English subtitles
  • Visuals and animations help define and explain concepts
  • Lessons are scaffolded to support comprehension

Community Service

  • Ideas for students to make a difference in their communities
  • Tips, action steps, and more to help students

Projects &

  • Individual, family, and school-wide projects
  • Encourage students to continue their carbon reducing actions outside of the classroom

One Step’s Secret Power…
Sustainable Action Tracker

How much are your students doing to #StompOutCarbon?

The One Step Sustainable Action Tracker provides students with suggestions about how to reduce their carbon footprint and cultivate habits towards a more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle.

Students track their actions — from taking a shorter shower and turning off lights to composting — in the app. Individual and school-wide reports motive students to keep making sustainable choices.

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Educators Love One Step.
Here's Why.

  1. It enhances existing curriculum and deepens studentthinking and interest
  2. It’s flexible and can be used for stand-alone lessons, bell ringers, discussion starters, inquiry- and project-based learning, and so much more across curricula.
  3. It supports student-centered learningand encourages students to be problem-solvers and innovators.
  4. It’s a step toward protecting our planet and future!

“Even if they don’t believe me, I want them to be able to have the tools to find the answers. I want them to know how much power they actually have –– they are going to be the ones that will have to solve this. ”

High School Teacher, King County CA

“I really appreciated that I could put closed captioning on in Spanish because I have EL students in my classroom with no support.

High School Science Teacher, NJ

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