Empowering Learners & Leaders: A Guide to Using Student-Centered Projects to Teach Climate Education

Community Engagement Guide

Today’s students are deeply concerned about climate change, witnessing firsthand the impact of weather-related disasters locally and globally. A recent survey revealed that 37% of teenagers experience anxiety when considering the consequences of climate change, with more than one-third expressing fear, overwhelm, and a sense of helplessness. 

While schools cannot single-handedly address climate change, they can serve as community leaders in impactful ways. This playbook bridges climate anxiety and social-emotional learning (SEL), providing activities, resources, and guidance to help students navigate their fears and uncertainties.


Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Five student-led, solution-focused projects that will inspire and engage middle and high school students
  • Resources to ignite student learning, engagement, and action in your school or district 
  • Examples of real-world student-led green initiatives 
  • And more!

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