A Report from the Field: How Climate Education Is Being Taught

Climate science can be challenging to teach. Many educators do not have a curriculum and do not receive in-service training on how to teach climate science. States and even individual districts vary greatly when it comes to how and even if climate science should be taught. Added to the challenge are the conflicting messages students receive from the media, their friends, and their families. So, what’s a teacher to do?

Watch this webinar for an exploration of climate education in America’s schools with Katie Worth, an award-winning investigative journalist who reports on the intersection of science and politics. Based on her reporting, Katie shares:

  • Common obstacles that educators face when it comes to teaching climate science
  • First-hand stories from educators about how they’re navigating the controversies surrounding climate science
  • Successful strategies and approaches educators are using to teach climate science and address students’ fears, doubts, and confusion

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how climate science is being taught across the country and gain insight into how to navigate the challenges that can arise in order to provide students with rich and relevant lessons.

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Katie Worth

Katie Worth is an award-winning reporter who tells stories about science, politics, and their myriad intersections. She began her career as a beat reporter at the Pacific Daily News on Guam and later worked as an enterprise reporter for the San Francisco Examiner. Her work has appeared in Scientific American, This American Life, National Geographic, Slate, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology.

Worth joined the Boston-based FRONTLINE team in 2015 and for the next six years worked on special investigative projects for the series, leading reporting endeavors in print, film, interactive media, audio, and virtual reality. She held leadership roles in both FRONTLINE and WGBH’s diversity, equity, and inclusion committees, efforts she considers essential to the future of journalism.

She is the author of the book Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America, published in November 2021.