New Study Shows a Promising Future for Climate Change Education in Schools

Does your school have the tools necessary to teach climate education well?

According to a new study, more than 80% of parents in the U.S. support teaching climate change in K–12 schools, with strong bipartisan agreement among two-thirds of Republicans and 9 in 10 Democrats—regardless of whether or not they have children!

A separate poll of teachers found that an even higher percentage––86%––support the idea of teaching climate change in their schools.

The numbers don’t lie! The overwhelming support for teaching climate change highlights the urgent need to equip the next generation with the knowledge and tools they will need to address the intensifying consequences of climate change.

One Step’s video-based climate science curriculum was designed to meet the challenge. This valuable resource allows educators to engage students on this critical topic, empowering them to take action to create a sustainable future.

Jessica Seminelli, a fifth-grade teacher from Orangetown, NY, recently spoke about One Step’s relevance to her students:

“Because climate science is so new, a lot of curricula don’t have as much available for it. We just don’t have as many resources available that are so up to date and so relevant. So it’s nice to have something that is really pertinent to their lives. It’s fresh and it’s connected to current events.”

The best part? Educators like Seminelli can use One Step as a supplement to their existing curriculum, no matter what subject they teach.

“I thought, if I’m already teaching these standards, and this [One Step] matches a lot of the standards I’m using, I might as well use something that exists,” Seminelli explained. “Everything is in one place; there are a lot of resources, so I could sort of pick and choose as I wanted to. That was really helpful.”


Take a look at six innovative ways in which One Step supports engaging climate science education while empowering learners and teachers.


Propel learning forward with a project-based approach
he One Step curriculum offers a variety of projects, crafts, activities, experiments, and even a sustainable action tracker to motivate students while supporting solution-based learning.


Power-up with 5E lesson plans
One Step’s 5E inquiry-based lesson plans provide tons of teaching support and prompts to facilitate rich academic discussions. Aligned to NGSS, they offer a real-world boost for science education and always include a group-based experiment, engineering project, or research project.


Experience the wonders of the world
Age-appropriate videos showcase climate and environmental science topics along with innovative solutions. The fun videos, featuring knowledgeable hosts, make science understandable, compelling, and relatable. It’s like a virtual field trip for students of all ages! 


Unleash curiosity with real-world applications
One Step’s curriculum helps students connect what they learn in their textbooks to real-world climate problems and solutions. It highlights the importance of understanding how climate change affects the world around us, igniting curiosity and making science relevant in students’ lives.


Amplify understanding with diverse learner supports
With diverse learner supports such as Spanish and English subtitles, visuals, and animations, all students have the opportunity to master standards-aligned concepts. Plus, lessons are scaffolded to support comprehension and expand understanding.


Inspire change with action
Most important, One Step inspires students to put their learning into action! By empowering students to become change-makers and make the earth a better place, we can help ensure a more sustainable future for all. One Step equips students with comprehension and knowledge––the ultimate superpower for the next generation of environmental leaders.


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