Climate Change Curriculum: Are Schools Falling Short on Education?

By Alia Wong
Originally Published September 24, 2023, USA TODAY


Article Overview:

Today’s youth are highly concerned about climate change, prioritizing it above many other issues due to escalating temperatures and an increasing number of weather-related disasters. However, research indicates that the educational materials available to students often lack comprehensive coverage of climate change, despite their growing demand for such education. Many students find themselves self-teaching about climate change, as it’s often not part of their formal education. 

While some states have adapted their standards and curricula to include climate change, concerns persist about schools lacking resources or the will to make it a formal part of the learning experience. Advocates stress that incorporating this vital issue into lessons is a crucial academic opportunity, especially considering its significance for the students’ quality of life and futures. A study in 2021 highlighted the emotional toll climate change takes on young people, linking climate change education to potential future reductions in carbon emissions.