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One Step is a video-based app for grades 4–12 that supports a schoolwide initiative to raise awareness about environmental science and climate change. The program delivers weekly video episodes that focus on global issues caused by human impact on Earth, inspirational stories of people and companies who are fighting to solve these issues, innovative technology, and ways students can take action to ensure a sustainable future. Students and teachers access the videos and the associated lessons, projects, and action items via a mobile app or on a computer through a web browser. Teachers can incorporate One Step content in their regular curriculum as it fits the themes and standards requirements either individually or in coordination with fellow teachers across subjects.

Your students are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. They are the caretakers and stewards of our planet’s resources. Shaping a generation that cares about how these resources are used and sustained is the best hope we have for tomorrow. According to a poll done by NPR, 84 percent of parents and 86 percent of teachers believe that schools should teach about climate change. When you implement One Step in your school, you are encouraging your staff and students to be engaged citizens who are stewards of Earth’s resources. You are contributing to future solutions that are needed to support our planet. The school dashboard tracks the activities and engagement of all your students, so you can see the impact of your teachers, students, and campuses towards building a better tomorrow. One Step also supports STEM and English language arts learning by introducing students to scientific concepts, new technologies, and content specific vocabulary. Whether students are learning at home or in a classroom, One Step supplements existing middle and high school math and science curricula with engaging, relevant content.

One Step is future-oriented and non-partisan. The future of Earth concerns all of us regardless of our political affiliation. Several polls over the past few years have shown that young people both in the U.S. and across the world are worried about the effects of climate on their lives. Students are rightfully concerned about the future of the planet, and One Step provides a schoolwide tool to engage with their priorities and harness their energy and power.

The topics and content are appropriate for students in Grades 4-12. Content is aligned to NGSS.

One Step is an affordable yearly subscription-based program. Contact us for pricing and volume discounts for district-wide access.

When you introduce One Step to your school, it is ideally connected with a schoolwide initiative to create a sustainable and responsible school culture towards environmental stewardship. It can be connected with campus greening efforts, consciousness-raising campaigns, or community engagement programs. Whether you are teaching science, social studies, or language arts, One Step can be incorporated into your curriculum to explore topics surrounding the environment, climate change, and related global issues. Each episode includes discussion prompts to engage students further. Lesson plans include community service recommendations, projects, research, and school engagement ideas.

The dashboard is a schoolwide tool that promotes campus engagement and accountability toward your school or district’s green goals. For students, the app provides daily reminders on ways students can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. These range from simple activities like turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth to save water to larger actions like getting involved in school and community environmental efforts. When students complete an action, they click the “I did it” button and their participation is recorded on the dashboard at the individual and school level.

Episodes range from 5 to 25 minutes and can be watched in segments to facilitate in-depth classroom discussions. A full-length episode starts off with a global problem, such as deforestation. It then examines human impact on the environment, causes, and effects on people, biodiversity, and the planet. But that’s not where we leave it. It is important for students to know that there are solutions and technology at work to solve these problems. The episodes feature innovative advancements in science and technology, along with everyday people who have dedicated their lives to protecting our planet’s resources and helping address the issue identified at the start of the episode.

Every video encourages students to take action by doing one step — small steps that collectively make a difference. The videos and lesson content provide actionable ideas such as ways to save energy or water, lifestyle changes that promote sustainability, or ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint. The program’s goal is for students to see themselves as stewards of our planet’s resources and to do their part to change their habits and activities to ensure a more sustainable future.

All the content on the app and website can be shared using a link that can be pasted into Google Classroom or any other LMS. This makes it easy for teachers to share and post content to students.

One Step video and lesson content covers topics related to climate change and environmental science, including: Climate Change, Deforestation, Pollution, Waste Management, Oceans & Waterways, Water Scarcity & Drought, Weather, Clean & Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Biodiversity, and Conservation

Video and lesson content are aligned to grades 4-12 NGSS.

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