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Climate Science in the Classroom: How Class Talk Can Propel Effective Climate Change Education

One Step Class Talk
In today’s digital landscape, the intersection of climate change, innovation, and technology has become a compelling and relevant topic that captures the attention of young people everywhere. Yet engaging students in these topics can be challenging for educators, especially if they don’t have the time or resources to build tailor-made lesson plans. One Step, a video-based climate science curriculum for grades 4-12, offers a powerful solution for schools looking to provide high-quality, supplemental climate science programs.

One Step, with its engaging content and innovative approach, is designed to cultivate critical thinking skills and facilitate lively classroom discussions. One Step empowers students to delve deeper into real-world issues and actively address the challenges that affect people and our planet, both locally and globally.

Take a look at this sample Class Talk guide, and then dive into the specifics of how it works:

Engage Students & Support Rich Classroom Discussions

One Step’s Class Talk resource for teachers is a game-changer when it comes to supporting rich classroom discussions that ignite and tap into students’ passions. By utilizing the Class Talk Discussion guides, teachers can facilitate meaningful conversations around important climate-related concepts. These guides are packed with valuable resources that enhance the learning experience and encourage thoughtful student participation.

Explore Important Standards-Aligned Concepts

Class Talk guides, designed to promote student engagement and foster meaningful discussions, incorporate accompanying videos that present climate change vignettes. These videos not only showcase real-life examples but also include explanations and concepts aligned with educational standards. As they watch these videos, students gain valuable insights into climate change and the innovative technologies employed to combat it. This sets the stage for informed and engaging discussions.

Build a Strong Vocabulary Foundation

One Step understands the importance of building a solid vocabulary foundation. That’s why the Class Talk Discussion guides include a vocabulary overview with visually appealing teaching slides. This resource helps teachers reinforce keywords and concepts as needed, ensuring that students grasp the terminology relevant to the topic at hand. By expanding their vocabulary, students can confidently express their ideas during discussions and throughout their academic careers.

Before and After Video Questions

Class Talk Before Video QuestionsTo enhance critical thinking skills and encourage active engagement, the Class Talk Discussion guides feature thought-provoking questions for teachers to share with students. Before watching the video, students will identify trends or predictions related to the topic. This pre-video exercise sets the stage for focused viewing and sparks curiosity. After watching the video, students can utilize the provided question guide to reflect on the content individually, in pairs, or as a group. These questions encourage deeper analysis and promote robust class discussions.

Promote Sustainable Actions Inside & Outside the Classroom

One Step not only seeks to educate students about climate change but also empowers them to take sustainable actions in their own lives. The Class Talk Discussion guides include prompts that encourage students to consider ways they can personally reduce their carbon footprint in a relevant way to the topic. This practical approach helps students understand that they can make a meaningful impact through their choices and actions.

Enhance Student Accountability

Accountability is a crucial aspect of the learning process. That’s why Class Talk Discussion guides provide note-taking prompts that serve as accountability assessments. These prompts encourage students to record important information, key insights, and personal reflections during class discussions or while watching the videos. By incorporating these note-taking prompts, teachers can monitor student progress and provide targeted support as needed.


One Step’s video-based climate science curriculum revolutionizes the way schools can approach climate change education. By engaging students in deeper thinking and class discussions around topics they care about, One Step empowers the next generation to become informed and proactive global citizens and change makers. Through the use of Class Talk and its comprehensive discussion guides, teachers can create an enriched learning environment that inspires students to think critically, develop sustainable solutions, and take action toward a brighter future. 

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